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Kubernetes StatefulSet with ZooKeeper

on January 28, 2020

Kubernetes StatefulSet with ZooKeeper as an example Background We were having a hard time deploying Kafka to Kubernetes. It worked fine when we were doing development and integration. We started with Minikube for local development. If you are not interested in the background and want to skip to the meat of the matter go ahead and skip ahead. We created a MicroSerivce that uses Kafka in Spring Boot. We ran Kafka in minikube with Helm 2.

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Set up Kubernetes on Mac: Minikube, Helm, etc.

on October 28, 2019

Set up docker, k8s and helm on a Mac Book Pro (OSX) These k8s/helm/OSX install notes are reproduced from Rick Hightower with permission of Rick Hightower. Install docker brew install docker Install docker desktop for Mac. Minikube Use the version of k8s that the stable version of helm can use. Install minikube brew cask install minikube Install hyperkit brew install hyperkit Run minikube that is compatible with the last stable helm relesae running on hyperkit minikube start --kubernetes-version v1.

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kubectl cheatsheet (OSX/Mac)

on October 28, 2019

These k8s/helm/OSX install notes are reproduced from Rick Hightower profile with permission of Rick Hightower. Shell completion is a must while you are learning Kubernetes. kubectl: shell completion Shell Autocompletion set up guide In 2019, Apple announced that macOS Catalina would now use Zsh (Z Shell) as the default shell, replacing bash. The zsh extends Bourne shell has improvements with features of Bash, ksh, and tcsh. Add autoload -Uz compinit; compinit; source <(kubectl completion zsh) to .

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Kafka Consumer: Advanced Consumers

on April 24, 2018

Kafka Tutorial 14: Creating Advanced Kafka Consumers in Java - Part 1 In this tutorial, you are going to create advanced Kafka Consumers. Before you start The prerequisites to this tutorial are Kafka from the command line Kafka clustering and failover basics and Creating a Kafka Consumer in Java. Welcome to the first article on Advanced Kafka Consumers. In this article, we are going to set up an advanced Kafka Consumer.

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