Kafka Consulting

Kafka Consulting

Learn how to employ best practices for your teams’ Kafka deployments. Cloudurable has a range of consulting services and training to help you get the most out of Kafka from architecture to help with setting up health checks.

The Apache Kafka distributed streaming platform is one of the most powerful and widely used reliable streaming platforms. Kafka is a fault tolerant, highly scalable and used for log aggregation, stream processing, event sources and commit logs.

If you are new to Apache Kafka, Cloudurable has mentoring, consulting, and training to help you get the most of the Kafka streaming data platform. Our professional services teams can support you designing a real-time streaming platform using Kafka. We can work shoulder to shoulder with your DevOps, Ops, and development team.

Learn about the best practices, trade-offs, and avoid costly pitfalls to ensure a successful Kafka deployment.

We specialize in setting up highly available Kafka clusters. We can help you pick the right durability and replication for your use case, so you are not paying too much for system resources or not getting the availability and durability your application needs.

Do you need to setup Kafka in multiple regions or data centers for disaster recovery? We can help you setup MirrorMaker.

Cloudurable provides Kafka consulting.

We provide provide architectural analysis, mentoring, emergency performance tuning, training, subscription support for Kafka on AWS, and staff augmentation to help you get your Kafka projects off the ground.

We specialize in Kafka AWS deployments, but can help you with all of your Kafka needs.

Kafka AWS Consulting

We specialize in Kafka AWS deployments. Up to 13 of Kafka deployments are on AWS. We can help you setup AWS and Kafka. We can also do custom development with Kafka. We provide Kafka consulting, architectural analysis, mentoring, training, and staff augmentation.

We also have certified AWS consultants that can help you setup the right AWS Cloud infrastructure for your Kafka deployments on AWS. We can even help you push metrics and logs into AWS CloudWatch so you can get dashboards and handle alerts proactively. We can assist you with your complete Kafka deployment plan from CloudFormation to MirrorMaker. If you pick the right AWS compute options to match your use case, the cost reduction can be significant. Setting up AWS to encrypt data at rest using KMS is free compared to the cost of doing data at rest encryption in Kafka itself. We can help you pick the right tools for the job. If you are using both AWS and Kafka, let our combined experience with these technologies guide you.

Kafka AWS Consulting

VPC, Subnets, Cross-Region, Multi-AZs, CloudWatch Monitoring, Image creation, Automating tasks

Cloudurable can help you with:

  • Creating your own Kafka AWS AMIs (EC2 images)
  • Automating deployment (CloudFormations, Lambda, Ansible, etc.)
  • Automating VPC, Subnet, Placement groups, infrastructure
  • Setting up KPI monitoring and log aggregation for OS and Kafka to CloudWatch
  • Automating common tasks like backups to S3 and/or EBS snapshotting, rolling updates, etc., with Ansible or OpsWorks
  • At-rest Kafka encryption with AWS KMS
  • Cluster mirroring to another AWS region
  • Picking the right EC2 instances to maximize throughput and resiliency without over-provisioning
  • Deciding when to use EBS and which volume type
  • Setting up VPC and subnets to survive a single AZ failure
  • Setting up a Kafka Cluster that does mirroring to multiple regions to provide disaster recovery
  • Implementing high-speed, cloud-native, microservices that use Kafka
  • Using Kafka in your reactive microservice environment
  • Performance tuning
  • Staff augmentation and mentoring

We have a thorough understanding of Kafka and Amazon AWS. We have the background to assist you to use the Kafka Streaming Platform successfully in AWS and deploy in AWS to support production. If you need to spin-up Kafka quickly and support it in production, then hire us. We can help you avoid costly mistakes. We also provide mentoring and Kafka training.

Kafka Microservices

Kafka is a key-ingredient in microservices development. It helps move you away from slow and unresponsive shared-state architectures with its abundance of cascading failures to in-memory actors systems done in Kafka streams, QBit and Akka. We can show you how to set up the Kafka streaming platform as part of your high-speed, reactive microservices architecture. Technology stacks like Kafka, Akka and QBit are the backbone for event driven microservices.

Let us help you set up a solid foundation in the architecture and data model of the Kafka Streaming Platform and how to deploy it correctly based on your use cases to AWS.

Why choose us and our Kafka Consulting

We have successfully deployed the streaming solutions at large fortune 100s and very high traffic web properties. We have the experience to deploy and monitor Kafka clusters running on AWS EC2. We have been there and done that and understand when and where streaming platforms makes sense and how to avoid common pitfalls.

AWS Kafka and Kafka as a Service

Our company is setup to support tools like Kafka running in AWS EC2. We have deployed 100 million user microservices in AWS using NoSQL solutions. We provide Kafka support, AMI images for Kafka, CloudFormation templates, and tools for collecting metrics and logs to support Kafka in AWS via CloudWatch. Supporting Kafka in production in AWS, using EC2, CloudWatch and S3 is what we do.

Rest assured that our consulting teams are the battle-hardened experts that you need for AWS Kafka deploys. Contact us to book Kafka on AWS consulting today. Call to book 1-415-758-1113.

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