Services for AWS, Cassandra and Kafka running in AWS/EC2

We provide services to support your Cassandra and Kafka deployments in the AWS cloud. We help you streamline DevOps for Cassandra and Kafka running in AWS.

We provide training, consulting, tools, subscription support and CloudFormation templates to get you up to speed quickly.

We specialize into right-sizing your instances to meet the demands of your applications.


Cloudurable™ provides:


All of our training and mentoring has a special focus on AWS deployments. Our Apache Spark course for example covers running Spark on EMR and using Spark SQL with data from S3 and DynamoDB as well as using Spark Streaming with Kinesis. We also cover how to use Cassandra from Spark (for example).


CloudFormations, examples and templates

Our templates and support are there to help you get up to speed with Cassandra and Kafka running in EC2/AWS in a short amount of time.

Cloud Formation with VPCs, AZs for AWS

We go beyond the basics and help you setup VPCs, Subnets, security groups, peering networks, availability zones, and connect clusters running in different regions. We even assist with setting up placement groups, ec2 instances and ebs volumes. We can really streamline your DevOps for Cassandra and Kafka running in AWS.

Our focus is the intersection of Cassandra and AWS, and Kafka and AWS to get your developers and DevOps teams up an running.

We also provide AMIs (Amazon machine images) with all of the tools you need to monitor your Cassandra cluster using AWS CloudWatch.

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Cloudurable™ provides:

Contact about Cassandra Consulting

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