Advantages of using Cloudurable for DevOps/DBA support for Kubernetes, Cassandra, Kafka on AWS/EC2

Advantages of using Cloudurable™

Let’s list the advantages of using Cloudurable™ for streamlining DevOps/DBA for AWS Cassandra Database Deploys.

Why Pick Us?

Our mission is to help you keep costs low in the cloud without compromising stability or security. We customize the initial setup to achieve optimal performance for your workloads. We streamline the DevOps process and DBA tasks for the Cassandra Database running in Amazon Web Services (AWS)/EC2 (AWS Cassandra support). We provide a cost-efficient way to maximize your deployments tailored to your business needs.

Ensuring resiliency in our deployments to avoid downtime is a fundamental part of our operating model. Cloudurable™ has extensive experience in setting up reliable systems for large enterprises. At one of our more recent clients:

Recent client cost savings

Downtime not only impacts your enterprise but can crash your reputation. We can help protect your system and your brand.

Pick A Partner with Focus

Our focus is the best possible support available for the Cassandra Database on EC2/AWS at an economical price point to streamline DevOps, DBA and support production. We take our support experience and drive that back into products that make the Cassandra Database more resilient and easier to support. We reduce your EC2/AWS spend while improving your stability.

What we don’t do:

  • We don’t look to maximize billable hours
  • We don’t profit from hosting
  • We don’t increase your operating cost
  • We don’t provide one-size-fits-all solutions that drive your customization costs and AWS/EC2 spend

Our goal is to maximize your Cassandra Database EC2 experience. Our business model is to provide the client with better subscription support as opposed to larger scale consulting or training. We provide training, mentoring and consulting, to help clients implement Cassandra in AWS/EC2.

The amount of money spent on setting up and running Cassandra can vary depending on engineering trade-offs and data consistency. We work with your team to identify the right EC2/AWS setup for your particular use case vs. provide one-size fits all solution. A bank does not have the same needs as an online gaming company.

Save 10x!

Clients that have come to us in the past have spent ten times more to run the Cassandra Database in EC2/AWS by taking one-size fits all approach. Worse yet, others have picked a setup that is less expensive but does not work when a data center or availability zone goes down. The significant cost of the outage, coupled with a potential data consistency problem between data centers, can drive maintenance costs out of control.

Enterprises have different needs for different applications. They have different compliance needs. They have different disaster recovery needs. Hosted solutions are easy to launch but often become very expensive to replace.

Cloudurable™ helps you pick the best solution and focuses on what is best in the EC2/AWS environment. We don’t look to replicate a client’s model across environments as that is a setup for failure.

Need to Pick a Hosted Solution Instead?

Perhaps a hosted solution is right for you as the most cost-effective option. Cloudurable™ can work with your team to analyze the hosted solution based on your compliance needs, SLAs, and disaster recovery requirements. We can help your team ask the right questions and get the right support model in place, regardless if it is with us or not.

How Much Can You Save on AWS/EC2 Costs for running the Cassandra Database?

Cloudurable™ can look at your existing Cassandra application and show you much money you could save. Furthermore, we can evaluate your current hosted Cassandra solution. We look at your traffic, metrics, and show you how much money that can be saved by deploying your private Cassandra cluster. We can help you develop the ROI upfront.

Cassandra Database: Disaster Preparedness

Cloudurable™ can estimate the cost of a major outage with your current solution. It’s good to know up front if you have a major exposure and the cost of that exposure in the event of an outage.

Why Wait?

To deploy Cassandra in AWS/EC2 requires advanced DevOps knowledge, DBA skills, AWS/EC2 knowledge (VPC setup, KMS encryption, EBS choice, EC2 instance type choice, subnet setup, Security Groups, IAM roles, placement groups, enhanced networking, VPC peering, Network ACLs, multi-availability zone, multi-regions and more, automation of AMI creation, automation of formation and more), and knowledge of Cassandra (seed servers, snitch, gossip, topology, managing work queues, multi-disk, encryption, configuration changes for different topologies, partitioning, customizing tables for queries, optimizing OS, upgrade plan, schema migration, backup plans, and more). This DevOps effort requires a vast array of very specific skills and getting it wrong can not only drastically increase your AWS/EC2 spend, but could lead to data loss and outages.

At Cloudurable™, our sole focus is to streamline DevOps, DBA tasks and support production deploys to reduce the maintenance costs of Cassandra on EC2/AWS while improving resiliency. We integrate with Amazon CloudWatch so your Cassandra clusters can have reactive and proactive DevOps support that works well in the AWS/EC2 ecosystem instead of passive monitoring. All of our support is geared around AWS/EC2 to maximize your investment in AWS/EC2.

Why Wait Use Cloudurable!

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