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Telegraf, InfluxDB, Chronograf, and Kapacitor

This InfluxDB is the #1 time-series database solution. InfluxDB is fault tolerant, highly-scalable time-series database.

TICK (Telegraf, InlfluxDB, Chronograf and Kapacitor) has become one of the most common stacks for monitoring systems. It is a key tool for managing systems with its ability to drill down into OS, systems, services and applications KPIs and metrics. It allows you to not fly blind when debugging distributed systems, and understanding KPIs, and trends. It is hard to imagine doing any sort of distributed system development (uServices, Cassandra, Kafka, etc.) without the monitoring that TICK provides.

Chronograf has become a top visualization tool for time series data. This tool is beloved by system admins, developers and data scientists for understanding time series data.

Kapacitor allows alerting based on trends, and rules for KPIs and metrics.

InfluxDB, Grafana and Chronograf have become the go-to stack for monitoring KPIs and system metrics. InfluxDB transcends the role of a database as it is a time series database solution with analytics support.

We provide support to help you deploy the InfluxDB time series database successfully, and deploy to production.

We provide more than just developer training. We provide the training to maximize your developer and DevOps expertise.

Cloudurable™ can help you with:

  • Automating deployment (CloudFormations, Lambda, Ansible, etc.)
  • Using monitoring and log aggregation and KPIs to support InfluxDB
  • Automating common InfluxDB tasks
  • Setting up a complete TICK stack (InfluxDB, Telegraf, Chronograf and Kapacitor)
  • Setting up the InfluxDB service in AWS
  • Implementing high-speed, cloud-native, microservices that use InfluxDB
  • Using Kafka to stream data to InfluxDB
  • Set up Telegraf to send metrics to InfluxDB or AWS CloudWatch
  • Set up alerting with Kapacitor or AWS CloudWatch
  • Real-time data analytics

We have a thorough understanding of InfluxDB. We have the background to assist you to use the InfluxDB successfully. If you need to spin-up InfluxDB and TICK quickly and support it in production, then hire us. We can help you avoid costly mistakes.

Let us help you set up a solid foundation in the architecture and data model of the InfluxDB and how to deploy it correctly based on your use cases.

Why choose us and our InfluxDB Consulting

We have successfully deployed the high-speed solutions at large fortune 100s and very high traffic web properties. We have the experience to deploy and monitor the InfluxDB service. We have been there and done that and understand when and where streaming platforms makes sense and how to avoid common pitfalls.

Rest assured that our consulting teams are the battle-hardened experts that you need for AWS InfluxDB. Contact us to book InfluxDB consulting today. Call to book 1-415-758-1113.

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