Cassandra Consulting: Quickstart Mentoring Services Package

Cassandra Consulting: Cloudurable Quickstart Mentoring Services Package

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Overview of Kafka and Cassandra consulting services

We provide Cassandra consulting and Kafka consulting services.

The Cloudurable Quickstart Mentoring Services Package is designed to help your team to launch Cassandra or Kafka in AWS/EC2. We pair your team with out team for maximum knowledge transfer. This services package provides focused provides our expertise in designing and deploying Cassandra in EC2/AWS with monitoring and support Cassandra or Kafka in AWS/EC2.

We can provide boots on the ground to implemented or we can pair up with your team to mentor and co-develop.

We provide the same Quickstart program for Kafka or Cassandra running in AWS.

We can mentor your developers and DevOps support.

The objective are:

  • Avoid costly mistakes
  • Pick the right EC2 instances
  • Use the right AWS tools for a fault tolerant fast system
  • Avoid wasting money on over provisioning AWS EC2
  • Help set up custom AWS Cassandra as a Service or AWS Kafka as a Service

Details of our Cassandra Consulting

Cloudurable Services works closely with your team. We focus on the requirements of your project, and advise on the best setup for Cassandra or Kafka in EC2/AWS. During the engagement we provide expertise in key aspects of architecture design, assisting with the following core activities:

  • EC2 Image Types Selection
  • Disk Volume Selection Review (EBS or not)
  • Set up Cassandra in multiple availability zones (AZ)
  • Setting up Cassandra in multiple regions
  • Backup plan needs (S3, Glacier)
  • Help implement patch and update needs (rolling restarts)
  • Setup Monitoring with Amazon AWS CloudWatch
  • Setup Log aggregation with Amazon AWS CloudWatch
  • Setup VPC, Security groups and VPC peering if needed
  • Setup SSL and/or KMS EBS encryption if needed
  • Work on the first few iterations or use cases of microservice, or application that uses Cassandra and/or Kafka

Benefits of Cloudurable Cassandra consulting

Cloudurable consulting services share best practices and know how to solve common problems rapidly. The cost benefits are months of your team not spinning their wheels or worse making costly mistakes that cause complex upgrades, downtime or inefficient use of Cassandra.

We also help you setup monitoring and logging so if there is an issue it will be easier for our support team (Support subscription pricing for Cassandra and Kafka.) and your team to track it down. Our support tools work in an AWS / EC2 environment. We provide ad hoc support as well as subscription support plans for every budget.

This Cloudurable Quickstart Mentoring Services package is designed to quickly support a production application running in EC2/AWS for Cassandra or Kafka.

The Cloudurable Quickstart Cassandra consulting provides the following benefits:

  • Pick the right EC2 image types and EBS volumes, VPC, and AZ/Region for the Performance and Data Safety Needs of your application
  • Reduce Potential Latency Issues
  • Confirm Security Compliance
  • Ensure Application Code Written Well
  • Ensure your team understands Cassandra and get implement solutions properly

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