Cassandra AWS Consulting

Cassandra Consulting

Cassandra AWS Consulting

VPC, Subnets, Cross-Region, Multi-AZs, CloudWatch Monitoring, Image creation, Automating tasks

Go to our contact page and fill out the contact form, and we will send you a free guide to deploying Cassandra on AWS that covers CloudWatch, EBS, EC2 instance types, multi-region deploys, CloudFormations with complete examples.

The Cassandra NoSQL database is one of the most powerful and widely used non-relational databases available today. Up to 13 of Cassandra deployments are on AWS. We can help you set up AWS and Cassandra. We can also do custom development with Cassandra. We specialize in Cassandra AWS deployments.

Cassandra is a fault tolerant, highly scalable database with a tunable consistency model that meets the demanding requirements of the can’t fail, must scale systems, but it must be setup with EC2 placement groups, availability zones and regions in mind to get actual reliability.

Cloudurable can help you with:

  • Creating your own Cassandra AWS AMIs (EC2 images)
  • Automating deployment (CloudFormations, Lambda, Ansible, etc.)
  • Automating VPC, Subnet, Placement groups, infrastructure
  • Setting up monitoring and log aggregation for OS and Cassandra to CloudWatch
  • Automating common tasks like backups, rolling updates, etc., with Ansible or OpsWorks
  • At-rest Cassandra encryption with AWS KMS
  • Picking the right EC2 instances to maximize throughput and resiliency without over-provisioning
  • Deciding when to use EBS and which volume type
  • Setting up VPC and subnets to survive a single AZ failure
  • Setting up a Cassandra Cluster that spans regions to reduce latency and provide disaster recovery
  • Implementing high-speed, cloud-native, microservices that use Cassandra

We have a thorough understanding of Cassandra and Amazon AWS. We have the background to assist you to use the Cassandra Database successfully in AWS and deploy in AWS to support production. If you need to spin-up Cassandra quickly and support it in production, then hire us. We can help you avoid costly mistakes. We also provide mentoring and Cassandra training.

Let us help you setup a solid foundation in the architecture and data model of the Cassandra Database and how to deploy it correctly based on your use cases to AWS.

We provide more than just developer training. We provide the training to maximize your developer and DevOps expertise.

Why choose us and our Cassandra Consulting

We have successfully deployed the Cassandra database at large Fortune 100s and very high traffic web properties. We have the experience to deploy and monitor Cassandra clusters running on AWS EC2. We have been there and done that and understand when and where certain Cassandra features makes sense and how to avoid common pitfalls with Cassandra and reduce your AWS spend while maximizing availability and disaster recovery.

AWS Cassandra and Cassandra as a Service

Our company is setup to support tools like Cassandra running in AWS EC2. We have deployed 100 million user microservices in AWS using NoSQL solutions. We provide Cassandra support, AMI images for Cassandra, CloudFormation templates, and tools for collecting metrics and logs to support Cassandra in AWS via CloudWatch. Supporting Cassandra in production in AWS, using EC2, CloudWatch and S3 is what we do.

Rest assured that our consulting teams are the battle-hardened experts that you need for AWS Cassandra deploys. Contact us to book Cassandra on AWS consulting today. Call to book 1-415-758-1113.

We can help you with far more than just Cassandra.

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