Notes on Cassandra OS setup and optimizations for deploying in EC2/AWS

Notes on Cassandra OS setup and optimizations for deploying in EC2/AWS Disk concerns These are important concepts for developers and DevOps who are responsible for developing Cassandra based applications and services. Cassandra writes to four areas commit logs SSTable an index file a bloom filter The compaction process of SSTable data makes heavy use of the disk. LeveledCompactionStrategy may need 10 to 20% overhead. SizeTieredCompactionStrategy worse case is 50% overhead needed to perform compaction.

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Backup/Recovery with EBS

Understanding what AWS provides for backing up EBS volumes is an important concept for DevOps. Data safety with EBS - Backup/Recovery (Snapshots) Amazon EBS allows you to easily backup data. You do this by taking snapshots. Snapshots are point-in-time backups. Data written to an EBS volume can be periodically used to create a snapshot. Snapshots provide incremental backups of your data. Snapshots just saves the blocks that have changed. Only changed blocks since the last snapshot are saved in the new snapshot.

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Most bang for your buck with AWS Elastic Block Store (EBS)

Getting the most bang for your buck with AWS Elastic Block Store (EBS) Understanding what AWS/EC2 provides for provisioning on-demand storage is critical for DevOps. Companies waste tons by over provisioning AWS. Amazon Elastic Block Store Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) for EC2 instance storage. EBS is the virtual hard drives and SSDs for your servers running in the cloud. Amazon EBS volumes are automatically replicated, and it is easy to take snapshots of volumes to back them up in a known state.

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