AWS Cassandra: Cassandra, NUMA and EC2

AWS Cassandra and NUMA The i3.8xlarge, c4.8xlarge, m4.10xlarge, and above EC2 instance types use more than 1 CPU, which means NUMA controls are available. A good read on this is from Al Tolbert’s blog post. The quickest way to tell if a machine is NUMA is to run “numactl –hardware”. -Al Tobey blog post on Cassandra tuning NUMA stands for Non-Uniform Memory Architecture. Modern x86 CPUs contain an integrated memory controller.

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Cassandra AWS CPU Guidelines

Cassandra CPU requirements in AWS Cloud Cassandra is highly concurrent. Cassandra nodes can uses as many CPU cores as available if configured correctly. What are vCPUs and ECUs? An Amazon EC2 vCPU is a hyper thread, often referred to as a virtual core. Think of it as a physical thread of execution. It is able to run one thread at a time (which of course could be swapped out).

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