High-Speed Microservices

Microservices Architecture | High-Speed Microservices This article endeavors to explain high-speed microservices architecture. If you are unfamiliar with the term microservices, you may want to first read this blog post on microservices by Michael Brunton and if have more time on your hands this one by James Lewis and Martin Fowler. High-speed microservices is a philosophy and set of patterns for building services that can readily back mobile and web applications at scale.

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Microservices Architecture

Microservices The term “Microservices Architecture” is now a popular trend. Unlike many trends, this one seems to have some momentum and is more about how people are developing services versus vendors commandeering and needlessly complicating something simple. For example, SOA started off as a rather simple set of concepts and became something vast and complex. Services are excellent. Web Services are good. SOA has a bad reputation and is associated with being overly complicated (WSDL, BPEL, WS-blah, etc.

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Reactive Microservices Architecture

Reactive Microservices Architecture Many disciplines of software development came to the same conclusion. They are building systems that react to modern demands on services. Reactive services live up to the Reactive Manifesto. Reactive microservices are built to be robust, resilient, flexible and written with modern hardware, virtualization, rich web clients and mobile clients in mind. By the original definition of microservices, all microservices are reactive. A microservices that is not reactive is akin a bird without wings or a fish who can’t swim.

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